The City #1

Lost in the pressure of the Simulacra,
the strange among strangers
of new buildings

weird & eerie.

Yet all the rest – or so
                        it seems –
of the animals in the City
are so at ease,
               but to me
the noise,
the fumes & traffic, tragic
neglected people forced to sleep
on the streets – “Sorry,
don’t have any change” –
& the oppressive cranes
declaring the domination
                                of Capital;

the hive-mind
blind to the mantic fury of
                            the lost
history buried beneath the streets
consume me.

The City disgusts me.

2 thoughts on “The City #1

  1. Do you have an indentation and line spacing template you go off of or how are you just so consistent with it? Pure style? Guts? It’s very impressive.

    MAN I hate the city, and I don’t even live there!


    • I just follow where I think certain words will look aesthetically pleasing on the page while also giving them the emphasis I want them to have. So if I read them out loud, those lines would have longer pauses than between normal lines.

      Appreciate yr appreciation as ever baby x


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