We stormed the Castle walls
after the eternal siege,

& saw rotting corpses in ugly sleep,
without dignity
but with a peace
denied to those few we found alive.

Their eyes were almost closed
& damp with pitiful terror.

Their mouths made sounds we could hear
but could not understand.

We looked around us for reason, the evidence
of a final stand,
but we found nothing.

Then the walls began growing,
we were surrounded,

& at last we understood.

Empty Today

Empty today.


Today, empty grey sky gave way to weak purple light
& I saw small:
distant stars, so far apart…

Empty today.


Today the walls will not look back at me
because vision is just a trick of the light
& so am I.

A dream I think I once had

You smoked a cigarette beside me
in the passenger seat of my car
in the dark, in the park one night

a lifetime ago.
You said: “We are born,
we do stuff
& then we die.

That’s all…

I wish I could, but
I just can’t make myself care
that much anymore…”

Spectral blue curls billowed out
from between the clumsy teeth inside
of your beautiful mouth,
& attempted to dance with those lengths
of false-coloured hair
you absently caressed.

You had an affinity for dysfunction,
you told me:

“I thrive among the broken things”
& I remember thinking
that it was fucked-up
how much I wished I was more fucked-up
than I already was.
I wanted too much:

I wanted your love.

Nothing else seemed important,
not the the future, not improvement,
not hope
or the vast tracts of free & unfettered time
that lay before us.

I drove you home.

Nothing much had happened
yet somehow it still felt significant.

After you had left me, as
I sat staring into the darkness,
the smell of smoke & your presence

& I was overcome
by sensation so intense,
that all that has followed since

feels like dull disappointment…


(This story is fiction, only the stories that composed it are true)