I’ve felt the soft surface of temporal fabric,
watched the world begin to fold
small then
             smaller    &

organic origami elide
            into water,
rearing over what remained of
what was no longer me.

electrical screams;

nameless incandescence
& sound waves of colour,

cold feathers began folding down,
nothing remained but space & light,
a deep divide
between body & mind,
quick flicker of panic
as all thought plunged into ice…

then it didn’t matter whether
I lived or died,
                    what I
try to write
                    or if I
at all.


One thought on “Derangement

  1. Organic origami, that’s pleasing to say without being twee. I picture the ashes of one’s corporeal self sliding into a stream and being carried away in the merciless and ceaseless flow of time.
    Yet you describe this, and the folding away of the stage-set scenery of life as though a prescient vision.
    Hope you’re OK ghost girl/boy. I know derangement too well.

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