A Moment

The lascivious flesh tempts
with its siren song of sex
as glorious escape
in flowering excess…

…so somewhere, there are
two lovers laid across a bed
& one turns to the other
& says:

“When people fuck, my love,
they can be placed into two
rough yet distinct groups:

those who pull closed & those
who leave open
their eyelids.

So my question to you is
which do you prefer?

For you
is the darkness
a sensual abyss
of pleasure in which feeling is no longer
limited by form,
a place where sound,
& touch
become something more,


for you are the closed eyelids
a rejection of the real,
animal passion;
a space in which
the look of fuck
in the eyes of the other
becomes another cascading layer
of pleasure?”

“Well” the other says
“I don’t see why
we must choose between
only two things;
I like both, I
like it all:
fucking is no place for thought,

& my only desire is for more.

There is a sadness that I feel
in knowing that the moment
cannot last forever…”

Then, in the silence that follows
our two lovers
smile at each other
& lay back down upon the bed;

& the moment
begins again…

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