On the radio…

…De La Soul say:

“The sky takes notes when we speak/
Our capes move with the wind/
Because of the wings beneath”*

but I say:

the Sky does not give a fuck
about what I say or think;

small things
have been performing beneath her
graceful glare for more years than we
dare to imagine.

The Sky

does not care what we think.

The Sky

does not care about anything.

The Sky

just is…

We expire, conspire,
toil & adventure,
lose, love & live
beneath her.

She protects us from the vast
& endless, cold
& endless indifference
that surrounds us.


We should respect her more

because the Sky
is the nearest thing to a God
that we can ever hope for.


* ‘Royalty Capes’ – De La Soul



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