Twisted Nostalgia

Do you remember the faces
of all those abandoned buildings,
mocking us
like a metaphor we wanted but could never touch?
& so how we turned to punk & the band that
                                                                                     turned to shit
because we fucked up by being too fucked up
on speed, weed, drink &
                                          the fear
of the stage we were too afraid to admit?

I miss those days:
There’s a freedom in nihilism
so often forgotten or ignored;
nothing hurts those who believe in nothing
& care only for the comfort of pleasure.
The last man
cannot be turned back after walking the path
for too long.

That place was a contusion upon
the surface of the earth & we
                                                         were the worms
crawling in the dirt…
but at least we weren’t alone.
              togethewe created a nostalgia
I can still feel,
& when our mistakes drift away
                                                         one day,
they will join the birds

who will sing for us instead.

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