The Self

“We possess nothing in this world […] except the power to say ‘I’.
That is what we have to give to God – in other words, to destroy.
There is absolutely no free act which it is given us to accomplish
– only the destruction of the ‘I’.” – Simone Weil

Our concrete existence
must suffer; though it gives pleasure
the flesh decays,
the mind feels pain
           & must endure
thoughts that crawl like worms through the dirt
        of the mind,

to where the “I” resides
& rejects its transience,
on a permanence
that could only become
a state of affliction
    without hope
        of redemption.
Everything of value,
    without exception,
doesn’t derive from the “I” but arrives from
    as a gift
        in the form of
            pure & perfect

We posses nothing else except the “I”
& the one who writes this
    wants to give you
        something better
            as compensation for
every twisted time it relents
        to temptation & attempts
to see you suffer,
which is really only a hand trying to cover
the mouth that wants to cry:

        “Why have you not forsaken me?”

because the “I” knows it is undeserving,
when it is only self-serving:

        we cannot live alone.
to destroy the “I” we must release it;
    the evanescence
        of instinct
to detach itself & so accept death
    as a gentle friend,
wanting only to welcome us
at the end that comes to catch us all,
        as we fall.

& this is why we must
        destroy the “I”:

So that we can leave behind deception,
        believe in impossible perfection,

& finally become human.

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