The World Outside…

From the window of my room I watch as
the surrounding houses begin to glow;
little photographs of light develop
in the night & again I wonder why
I’m doing this, wasting my existence
            at the expense of action…

Into the distance
            the sodium heather
of suburban plains
            sprawl out forever,
                    & to the East
the city tries to reach
        ever further toward the sky:

this world to which we all belong does not
belong to me;
            a comforting lie,
a lullaby
to soothe fears crowding behind these eyes
that receive the light
            & gives it to a mind
capable of doubting its own perception.

I’m watching from the window of my room
as my neighbours continue with their lives,
wondering what they are doing, & if
they could, or ever would
            want to understand mine…

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