Beyond Idempotence

Nothing else comes from yourself
when applied under
                a binary operator

            or when
interpolated between
History & the
hysterical performativity
demanded of us
            by those who would
subject us to


                so intense
that subjectivity blends
with the screen;

fingertips intimate with
                & glass;
touching that
which can never touch back…

when enough of us
            are stuck
to damaging habits,

like a bird with clipped wings,
            escape mutates
from ease into extreme difficulty…

We need to break from this endless
of regulation upon our bodies,
the remorseless, repetitive demands
always controlling &
the value of our lives
            to satisfy
the demands of profit.

Time is alive & so am I,
& we both deserve our freedom.

I need you & you need me:
        we need each other.

Solidarity is the only solution.

Fuck the impotence of idempotence
imposed upon us from above:

Multiply together & we’ll become

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