The War

Is my story more exciting than yours?

Or did you get those scars in a bloodier war?

The pen can be mightier than the sword,

but guns would kill us all.

If only you could summon up the balls,

to stain the floor with your bullet-ridden corpse


vomit away your soul


say goodbye with the sound of broken bones

with a leap into the unknown.

Would your mind change before hitting the ground?

Will you leave with a taste of regret?

The war started before you were ready,

the fighting will fall silent without you knowing,


you weren’t really ready for

anything at all.

2 thoughts on “The War

  1. You know war when you see it
    when enemies are present
    you know their ill intentions
    against swords and guns
    we know we have to fight
    but how to fight vs depression?
    I’m going to state something
    by now we all should now
    and it’s worthy of mention.
    Truth is, there’s not much of life
    if we don’t find the way to smile
    and without the ability for invention.

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