A New Year: Part ii

A New Year: Part i

This year violently begins
            & our eyes
                open again.

Winter now literally keeps us warm:
Spring heat
            – 20 degree February

Last night,
            I had a dream,
that poetry still mattered &
you presented me
            with lilacs as
                    behind you
the crowd demanded answers, but
we calmed them with elegant words.

Then I awoke,
                to this world
where desire is just another
                is money
        & the roots of memory
are concrete foundations;

the old bones of Moloch
who has long since claimed the dead land,
    every day
        more bodies
            pile up in the streets.

So wide-awake, or still
stubbornly clinging to sleep,
            we divide
along well-worn lines:

            the only lilacs
I’ve ever seen in this city,
are those you once showed me
beneath a cracked screen,

in a world run by cunts,
where the terrifying truth
is that our very existence
makes us all complicit
with a system
    built upon suffering
        & destruction.

This year,
    the seasons
       have rejected our measurements,
& forced our predictions
        to confront us.

Now is the time for new values,
    now is the time to choose:

            Which side are you on, &
                what is to be done?


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