“That’s how we deal with boys like me”*

I no longer see why I should try not to relent
when the instinct kicks in:
fight or flight isn’t really a choice for boys like me

but anyway,
please go ahead & tell me
about the problems
that weigh you down;
tell me about
the rival who now also knows
the sweet taste of your mouth;

the rival
that knows the secrets you hide inside…

Without you,
I can’t see why I should try not to think about
the old city,
about that lost life
all the time;

like a bride deprived of sensation & sight
after the bitter disappointment
of another dismal,
cliché wedding night,

through the senseless everything
I will run,


a bathetic,
fuck up…

I want oblivion,
I want
& to forget everything,

except for that promise we made
in a dream I think I once had

*Despite What You’ve Been Told – Two Gallants

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